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About damn time I put another song up here. Death of Samantha's "Rosenberg Summer" (MP3) was one of the glories of a pretty glorious band, whose entire catalogue is now out of print, partly because singer/guitarist John Petkovic "felt weird about those records even existing and wanted them to just disappear." (Thanks to him for permission to post this song.) It was originally a Homestead Records single in 1990 or '91--there's a grand sourness to the arrangement and Petkovic's delivery that I love. (Also, Alex asked for this one last year. I live to serve, very slowly.)

Death of Samantha were named after a great Yoko Ono song, which Sean Lennon calls "Cool Chick Baby." And I'm pretty sure "Rosenberg Summer" is about this incident. John Petkovic is now the singer/guitarist of Cobra Verde, who are putting out an album of covers and another of original songs this year; he also reports that he may be reissuing the DoS stuff shortly.

Unrelatedly: I've been seeking out anything with the motorik beat for the last few days, for a code-blue-secrecy project. ("Motorik"? The beat most associated with the early-'70s German band Neu!--in the link above, a couple of people define it neatly as hi-hat eighth notes, snares on 2 and 4, bass drum on all other eighth notes. To which I'd add: roughly 100 BPM.) A lot of examples have been cited, and all the ones that fit the definition in my head (Stereolab's "Jenny Ondioline," Can's "Mother Sky," Boredoms' "Super Roots 7," etc.) are songs I pretty much venerate. If I can't think of any counterexamples soon, I may have to start a band based around that beat.

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