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Paula Frazer's "Is She Lonesome Now" (MP3) originally appeared on a 7-inch noise compilation on Trackshun, Optional Ingredients From a Vile Recipe, Volume 2 (yes, there is also a Volume 1). Not at all like the other stuff on the single, but a wonderful contrast. A full-band version appears on her band Tarnation's album Mirador, but I'm really fond of this one--the best detail of many is that high aaaaah in the "Ghost Riders in the Sky" vein that becomes a harmony to Frazer's main vocal, and then zooms off into singing-saw territory again.

Thanks to Paula Frazer for permission to post this song. She now has a site here, and recently released A Place Where I Know, a collection of her home 4-track recordings.

In the dept. of follow-ups: the excellent Ulric Kennedy of the Golden Dawn (whose "Let's Build a Dyson Sphere" appeared here some months ago) writes that he's got a new site, Spirophone, which has lots of information on all the bands he's been in, as well as MP3s, photos, etc. He also points out that he was in the Mixers, Ochre 5 and Jenny & the Cat Club/the Fauves with Grant Morrison back in the day--there are MP3s of all of those bands on the site.

This year's Wyncote Records Memorial Award for dubiously helpful liner notes has a strong contender already in the annotations for Lee "Scratch" Perry's generally excellent I Am the Upsetter box, and specifically the note for the Stingers' "Preacher Man": "One of a handful of tunes the Stingers cut for Perry. The observation that many men of the cloth could actually be 'evil' has been given resonance in recent discovers within the Catholic Church of child abuse and other such ativities." Sic, several times over.


Sam Adams said:

Paula Frazer = huzzah!

normalcarpet said:

There's a volume 3 too.

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