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Naturally, just as a couple of my favorite sites link lacunae, I disappear. House-and-imminent-baby-related stuff has been requiring a lot more time than I thought it would; sorry. Ordinary MP3-related service will resume in a week or so. In the meantime, why not treat yourself to the soothing sounds of the greatest high-concept tribute band of all time? (If you don't know what they're parodying... well, count your blessings. In any case, if there is a more appropriate name for this band's drummer than Heeb Who Cannot Be Named... no, no, I can't complete that thought, there couldn't be.)

My small musical joy of the moment is Millie's Time Will Tell--an expanded reissue of a circa-1969 album by the woman who recorded "My Boy Lollipop." Cover art: Millie wearing only a pair of silver-and-blue panties, sitting on a gigantic blue-and-yellow model of a banana, holding something that looks like a wooden bong, looking back and smiling broadly at a point about six feet above the camera. Highlights of the album on a first listen: "White Boys," about her adoration of same, "Enoch Power," about racist politician Enoch Powell, and a cover of Nick Drake's "Mayfair," which seems to have gotten credited to producer Eddie Wolfram for some reason. Best song title: "Mixed Up, Fickle, Lonely, Self-Centered, Spoiled Kind of Boy," which should really have been a split single with the Supremes' "A Breath Taking, First Sight Soul Shaking, One Night Love Making, Next Day Heart Breaking Guy." She seems to have recorded a ska version of "Bloodshot Eyes," too. I must hear this.

Also: there is a new web-only issue of Chickfactor up. A rather dear friend of mine is still writing for them. Ahem.


Raisedbybees said:

Thanks for posting this. I always loved Chickfactor.

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