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NaSoAlMo enthusiasts may want to note something sorta similar happening next month: FAWM, or February Album Writing Month. I've got nothing to do with this one; they just sent me the press release.

I am still attempting to wrap my brain around Kiki & Herb covering the Mountain Goats on their forthcoming live album. ("No Children." As a duet.) Although actually the thing that made me laugh hardest was their version of Suicidal Tendencies' "Institutionalized."


bulb said:

One of the first times I taught Hamlet in Fall 1996 at the Southern Cow College where I was on the tenure track I mimicked Hamlet saying to Gertrude "I'm not crazy You're the One That's Crazy" in a fit of excitement (and maybe the bit about Cokes and Pepsis). Anyway, one student in leather jacket in the back row cracked up. I thought to myself "O.K. I'll survive" if some 20 yeard-old here gets my random mid 80s movie soundtrack allusion. He later tipped me to Fugazi's show in Oxford as featured on Instrument

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