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No time for a long entry today, so I'll just note that some genius or other in the Cherubs considered the wonder that is "I Want Candy" (MP3), asked himself how it could possibly be made better, and concluded, correctly, that the answer was distorting the living fuck out of every element of it. This appeared on a split single with the Fuckemos in the mid-'90s; thanks to the Cherubs' Kevin Whitley for permission to post it. Kevin's now in The Pretty Please, still in Austin, TX.

Just saw Sarah Dougher debut a bunch of excellent new songs with a more-rock-than-she's-been-in-public-in-a-while trio including Seth from the Quails, then came home to discover three too-hot-to-handle-you-got-blue-sandals songs (well, mixes) by M.I.A. (and a guest spot on a Ciara remix!) that I hadn't heard before making the yousendit rounds--throw in the forthcoming Out Hud album and the Glass Candy single, and today it feels like this is a really exciting moment for The Kind of Stuff I Like. This may also have to do with the fact that I heard Bo Diddley's "You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover" for the first time; how exactly did it take me 35 years to do this?


Matt Wright said:

did you catch bo diddley's 76th birthday show at berbati's? truly transcendant.

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