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Getting straight to the vinyl rock today, here's Sone's "High Frame Audio" (MP3)--dig the way the squiggly shortwave solo segues into the beat-up piano part! Sone were a Portland band in the early-mid '90s who put out a short string of excellent, grotty, slightly Perfect Sound Forever-scented singles (this song was one of three from their side of a split 7" with Bügsküll), capped off by the rather different Holiday & Sport set. A couple of Sone people were involved with the Feelings, too. I had no idea how to get in touch with Sone, until I ended up at a dinner party with Phil Quitslund from the band--thanks to him for permission to post this. He notes that the other members of the final incarnation of Sone were Aaron Day (now in Berlin), Pat Callahan (now in San Francisco) and Brendan Bell (now in West Virginia).

Chris O'Rourke from Sleepyhead reports that they've been gradually working on a fifth album, with Mike Deming (Lilys/Beechwood Sparks/etc.) recording and Dan Cuddy (Special Pillow/Hypnolovewheel) playing bass; lots of harmonies, lots of singing by Rachael, covers of Will Oldham's "No Gold Digger" and Fairport Convention's "Shattering Live Experience." I'm excited to hear it--!

Meanwhile, Lalitree has posted her NaSoAlMo album at last--check it out here. And, in further NaSoAlMo news: Simon Carless, who I should have thanked for this earlier, has compiled a BitTorrent of seven Creative Commons-licensed NaSoAlMo albums here. (Most of them; the three cover versions from them, since they're not covered by a CC license, are in their own archive here.)

A few months ago I was all atwitter over Jackie Lomax's "Sour Milk Sea," a song I'd owned a copy of for something like ten years but that took a while to fully register in my head: a pal of the Beatles', in 1968, backed up by Paul, George (who wrote the song), Ringo and Eric Clapton, and sounding like it. I ordered a copy of Lomax's album Is This What You Want? in the hopes that it would all be that good. It's not (and actual Beatles only play on a few other tracks), but bits of it are kind of fun, and there's one song that's a fairly blatant "I Am the Walrus" ripoff. There's a German page that links to a demo of "Sour Milk Sea" with George singing (and what sure sounds like Ringo drumming) here.


Shempster said:

Thanks for the link to Sour Milk Sea. The song from the Jackie Lomax album has Paul on bass, George on guitar, and Ringo on drums. The lyrcs to the song are printed in George's "I Me Mine" book. They truly rocked out on that tune...

Rock on


aaronday said:

The "shortwave" sound was actually produced by Zac love feeding an ARP Axxe into a defective Boss 1/3 rack size phase effect (if I remember correctly) and thgen directly to tape. He was able to modulate the distortion by beating on the top of the effect unit. The piano was recorded at Allison Carr's parent's house on a cheap, hand-held cassette recorder. I had the tempo of HFA pretty much drilled into my head at that time and played the part with the hopes that we could drop it on to the multitrack later.

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