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The exciting news is that Mike McGonigal's got an MP3 blog now--I can think of very few people better suited to do one, and he's already posted some mindblowing stuff. Go and drink deeply.

And you, Douglas? How about some MP3s from you? Yeah yeah yeah--brought back a big stack of singles from New York, and now I need to go about getting permission from the artists. If anybody has a direct contact for someone in the Shop Assistants, Boredoms, Bunnygrunt, Bush Tetras, Serenas, Alastair Galbraith, Velocity Girl, Honey Tongue, Olive Lawn, Silver Jews, Brief Weeds, Twang, Scud & Nomex, Sleepyhead, Sammy, Scrawl, Bulldozer Crash, the Suspicions (okay that one's David Cunningham but I don't have an email address for him), Sudden Sway, the Sleestacks, Dawson, the Cherubs, Majesty Crush, Michael Nyman (!), Tony/Anthony More, Jud Jud, Cha-Cha Cohen, Maximum Joy, Paula Frazer, Good Horsey, the Lowest Note, Mambo Taxi, Slant 6, the Polly Shang Kuan Band, Huggy Bear or Destroyer, could you let me know via private email?

Especially the Sleestacks. Oh man.

I'm thinking about expanding the scope of the MP3s I post here beyond 7" vinyl, as much fun as that is--there's lots of other things I'd love to share around. Of course, there are also some things that are awfully tough to get permission for. I just dug up my copy of Tommy (In Seven Minutes), which is what you think it is--twelve bands doing a rather abridged version of it.

Edie, our beloved sassy American shorthair, has figured out that something's definitely up with Lisa, she's climbing all over her all the time, and giving her reproachful looks like "oh, yeah, brush me off now, but when that litter arrives you're gonna need some help around this place. You don't have nearly enough teats, girlfriend."


stephen bulldozer crash said:

Hi Douglas,
Feel free to post some bulldozer crash mp3's, nice to know someone likes our songs.

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