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Maui, I'm happy to report, was beautiful, and exactly as relaxing as I'd been promised. A few highlights: The Hana Highway has every shade of green, ever. The whole island has lots of fruit stands with wonderful fruit that one does not find in the continental U.S.: apple bananas, pineapple guavas, weird little tart star-shaped cherries; sometimes they're on the honor system, and when they're not, they usually have fantastic banana bread. The Blue Pool near Hana and its associated red-sand beach are totally TOTALLY worth the irate signs, bumpy dirt road and jagged boulders you have to get through to get there. The Two Mermaids on the Sunnyside of Maui B&B is ridiculously charming, and run by a pair of women who really love to play hostess. The airport's corridors are mostly open-air, just because. The Fresh Mint is an exceptionally good vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant in Paia. Radio is almost entirely local programming and local music. I bought a pineapple-shaped soprano ukulele.

One little favorite memory: Hasegawa's General Store in Hana, which has... a very broad selection of things for sale. They used to have a bumper sticker that said


and the joke was that it was not entirely a joke. Next to the cash register (beneath the fishing rods, ukuleles and crepe paper), there are plastic bags full of oozy purple poi, and a sign that says "PLEASE DO NOT PLAY WITH THE POI!" The guy in front of me at the cash register had clearly just come down from the mountains for the first time in a very, very long time; he was buying a huge bag of rice and about 30 pounds of frozen ground beef.

Quick request: could everyone I've met in person who's reading this please email me your current snailmail address (see "write to me" link at left)? I have something I want to send you.

Some more NaSoAlMo albums (and can I just say again how delighted I am that this worked out so nicely for so many people?)::

Lord Eric Haugen's Soma Sex Dreams is here.

Bryce Durbin made this.

Eli Chartkoff's When Science and Appliance Meet We All Go Bare is here.

Miguelito Contraband's Caveat Empty is here.

Walkathon's Misguided Missile is here.

Also, check out Simon from archive dot org's comment in the previous post, especially if you made a NaSoAlMo album--he's interested in archiving what everyone did.


kengle said:

When drove up to Hana in our rented convertible Pontiac on our honeymoon, Daniel (my husband) ate a fish sandwich at the little snack shop and then threw up in the car on the way back to Kaanapali. The smell is burned in my memory and I can't really remember anything else from the drive. Too bad, we'll probably never go back to Maui again.

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