a house and a twig and a legion

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Twig first: the band, actually. I posted a song by Julie Kantner's circa-1990 band Fertile Virgin back in July; here's a brief, flavorful single by her subsequent band, Twig's "Fall of Love" (MP3), originally released on Harriet Records back about ten years ago. (Thanks to Julie for permission to post this. She also notes that it was accidentally mastered to be slightly too fast; "adjust to taste.") The slow/fast strategy (where a lot of bands would've used quiet/loud instead) is a great idea, and so is the way their harmonies go with the creeping-vine twin guitars.

I wanted to avoid even dropping hints about this until it happened, but it's finally a done deal: Lisa and I are homeowners! We've bought a house in the Kerns neighborhood of Northeast Portland: a 1907 building in a style probably best described as "fake Dutch Colonial." We're very happy about this.

I had my reservations about the Mark Waid/Barry Kitson re-re-re-re-reboot of Legion of Super-Heroes (wait, how many times has DC trashed the previous continuity and started from scratch?), but the first issue is really impressive: the sort of subtextual premise for talking about the present by pretending you're talking about a thousand years in the future that the LSH franchise has never quite had before, along with a totally credible excuse for its enormous cast. (The concept this time is that the Legion's not a super-hero team, exactly: it's a political youth movement, with about 75,000 idealistic, anachronism-loving-to-the-point-of-wrongheadedness adherents who have no time for realpolitik even when it's a good idea.) I've got a real sentimental attachment to these characters (enough that I've basically considered LSHv4 #61 the actual end of their story), and this is the first comic in a long time that's captured what I like about them.


amoeda said:

Congratulations, local worthies! I only wish I had more of a mental picture of your part of Portland so I could picture you all there, all nestled and nuclear and fecund and fab. Well, hopefully I will be in Portland in April for a conference, thence to remedy the situation.

Karen Roberts said:

Technically Kerns is a Southeast Portland neighborhood even though you have a NE portland address. Everything south of I-84 is Southeast by the way the City recognized neighborhoods.

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