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General Strike's sole single, "My Body" (MP3), continued on its other side in rather different form as "(parts of) My Body" (MP3), came out in 1979 on the Canal label; it's described by the International Discography of the New Wave as, quote, "very experimental." Yes and no--it doesn't really sound like anything else, but the raised eyebrows of the underlining aren't necessary--the A-side, in particular, is identifiably and even reproducibly a song. (A few years later, they released a cassette which eventually became a CD, Danger in Paradise, on which Dawn Roberts sings an amazing version of "My Body" called "My Other Body." It also includes some Sun Ra covers.) The group was Steve Beresford and David Toop (thanks to both of whom for permission to post it), and the single was produced by David Cunningham of Flying Lizards fame--hence, I suspect, the wonderful, very Flying Lizards-y slightly-off-rhythm percussion sound of part II.

Guests in town the last couple of days, hence no updates, but I should note that when we were hanging out with our friend Dylan tonight, she mentioned that she'd said something about NaSoAlMo to some friends in Texas last week, and they all knew about it already. And that a lot of them hadn't heard of NaNoWriMo. NaSoAlMo now gets 271 hits on Google. That is very freaky to me. On the other hand, there is apparently going to be a Smiths musical now--but not mine, sadly. Or maybe fortunately.

In further NaSoAlMo news, Cash Nexus's NaSoAlMo blog, bless him, includes links to all the participants' sites. And there are a couple of new latecomers to the project:

Catherine Paik
Kyle Herbert
Michael David Murphy
Seth a.k.a. Hundts Kup

As I type, Lisa's recording something in the bedroom. My own new song is an attempt to invent a dance craze.

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