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Enough of this "get me a ticket on an aeroplane"/"Canada here I come" crap I've been hearing from a whole lot of otherwise smart people for the last 12 hours or so. Alternately, you know, you could stay right here, fight for the people who are going to get screwed over for at least the next four years and don't have the option of running away, and maybe even get your crybaby asses involved with local or state politics. Run for the House, run for the Senate, aim to be a state or federal judge, make a difference, instead of waiting for somebody else to make it for you. I mean, half the people I know who've been saying "mmm, how long does it take to get citizenship in Barbados?" have Ivy League degrees. Might as well do something useful with that privilege, you know?

And keep a very close eye on what these people and likeminded others are looking into.

In the spirit of tikkun olam, here's a song about building: The Golden Dawn's "Let's Build a Dyson Sphere" (MP3), an early Sarah Records single from 1988 or '89, I believe. I don't know very much about the Golden Dawn, but I love the sound of the guitar here. (I actually had a mental image of this song sounding slightly different: out-of-tune falsetto background voices on a continuous loop going "a dyson, a dyson, a dyson" for the last 30 seconds or so. Don't know where that came from.) Ulric Kennedy, who wrote it (and kindly gave permission to post it here), now has a site here.


Aaron said:

I agree, but only because the people who say that never do it. I couldn't blame somebody that picked up and moved to Canada for real; it's easy to construct an argument where that's an abdication of duty to the rest of the country, but in severe circumstances our autonomy, the freedom we're fighting for, has to include the right to decide for oneself at what point self-preservation outweighs manning the barricades. And you can't convince me that living in America right now isn't one of the situations where a reasonable person might silently start plugging numbers into that equation to see what comes out.

But as a purely phatic conversation-opener at times when we desperately need real action, it makes me wince.

Miccio said:

You don't know how glad I was to read your first paragraph (second and third are good too!). Thanks.

michael said:

An offshore tax-shelter full of Ivy-League grads sounds an awful lot like, well college, but with better weather.

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