every day is election day (you make your choice and then you cast your vote)

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You know what? If I thought posting the B-side to "Hand in Glove" would get you to vote (and specifically to vote for Kerry), I would totally do it. (It's a hot live version of "Handsome Devil," incidentally, and I really hope somebody posts it soon.) Ditto for the Arcade Fire/Pixies deal that every MP3 blog under the sun has been quoting today. But they would all take too long to listen to! And then, by the time you were done listening, it'd be too late to get to the polls! So, instead, here is a one-minute-long song from the Dark Beloved Cloud archives that's sort of retroactively about voting: God Is My Co-Pilot's "Su Vot Vot Esta Su Voz" (MP3). It's actually a zoomed-up cover from 1993 of a traditional Finnish song, "Vot Vot Ja Niin Niin," which they learned from the pop-folk group Värttinä; the lyrics translate, in part, as "Let me tell you about my wild life. I know how to upset the old women. I'll just go behind the corner with some boy. Come all boys to our village. If you don't want to go home, you can stay with us for the night." Voting is fun!

Incidentally: if, by some chance, there's a lacunae reader who is STILL undecided (about voting, or for whom), is registered to vote, and is reading this before his or her local polls close: email me your phone number, and I will call you and talk it over with you. I'm serious.

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