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A song very close to my heart today: Azalia Snail's "Another Slave Labour Day" (MP3), the song that introduced me to her back in 1990. We played this amazing little piece of field-of-electric-foil-crickets psychedelia at WHRB until the needle practically wore through the vinyl; it subsequently ended up on her first album, Snailbait. (Yes, the lead instrument in the verses is a kalimba.) And, as anyone who's looked at the Dark Beloved Cloud site can tell you, I am a very big fan of Azalia's stuff, from the frantic velvet paisley jangle-drift of the early recordings to the lush '67-scrapbook grandeur of her newest songs. (Thanks to Azalia for permission to post this.)

In today's most exciting music-blog news: Sticker Shock is up at last--Sasha Frere-Jones, Dave Tompkins, Hua Hsu and Jeff Chang's collaborative blog. And Sasha's inaugurated it with Fairport Convention's "Tale in Hard Time." So good.

We've got a handful of people signed up for NaSoAlMo so far (and a few others who are hedging). So far, the lucky volunteers include:

Lisa Gidley
Lalitree Darnielle
K. Thor Jensen
Joel Huschle

Love them! Respect them! Join their illustrious ranks! See below for how...

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