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I first encountered the Teen Anthems with their first single "I Hate Oasis (And I Hate the Beatles)," sometime in the mid-'90s, but their real masterpiece is its follow-up: the ultra-chintz-tech, ultra-ridiculous "Welsh Bands Suck", released a few months later at the height of the "oo look at the scene in Wales!" thing, if I remember correctly (with the earlier single on the B-side). I mean, I saw Gorky's Zygotic Mynci back in those days, and I liked them, but, uh, I didn't really feel compelled to pay much attention to them after that. Plus, any time a band attacks their own scene? I'm there! And the Teen Anthems were indeed Welsh: they consisted of one guy, John William Davies, who's also recorded as Supercute and released a bunch of other stuff on his Sonic Art Union label. (There are a couple of other MP3s at that site; thanks to John for letting me post this one.)

Referencing Helen Love in a song, incidentally, has to be some kind of all-time record for pop-kid inbredness. (Which reminds me: if anybody happens to be in touch with the Helen Love people, this blog could seriously use an appearance by "Girl About Town"--hey, it could be a Ramones memorial posting! Well, virtually any Helen Love song could.)

This weekend has largely been spent tearing my hair out over househunting-related issues, and listening to Costello, Ayler, and virtually nothing else. Tensionmuzik! (Tried to get into the opening night of a new club, Doug Fir, where Quasi were playing, but it'd sold out.) My stress-reliever of choice has been going through some of the mainstream comics that had accumulated unread over the past few months, especially that giant "War Games" crossover with all the Batman titles. I am not a crossover fiend (loved DC One Million, have generally been iffy otherwise), but this one's got a really clever premise--although, with six or seven different people writing their respective chapters of the story, a few essential plot points have gotten buried. (Not forgotten: they just show up as recaps at some point that seems a little late. And, actually, one of the big dramatic revelations of the whole crossover--the person who was supposed to be at the gang meeting in "The 12-Cent Adventure" and wasn't--is not only bobbled, it'd be a lot more dramatically effective if we knew about it at the very beginning of the story.)

Lisa, we're told, needs more iron in her diet, so I've been cooking stuff with lentils, spinach, seaweed, etc.--last night was gingery spinach & lentils topped with yogurt & fried onions, tonight was a lentil/rice/pasta/tomato thing with mint-butter sauce. Mmm. Rich.


lauren said:

i love that gingery spinach recipe! ps. i must track down "or else" at once!

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