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Okay okay! I'm back, already! I'm getting "are you all right? your mother and I are worried about you!" emails, some of them even from people I'm related to. Really, I just needed a little break: I've been traveling, and working way too hard, and when I finish my last deadline of the night (sometimes aided by one of those prepackaged guarana-and-soy shakes that can't make up their mind whether they want to soothe me with protein or pin my eyelids open) all I want to do is sink into the couch with a copy of Detective Comics and whimper quietly. But here's some updata--Oh, wait, you want a song to listen to while I'm babbling. Here you go: the Cannanes' "Simple Question" (MP3). The Cannanes are along-running, fairly casual, very wonderful Australian band with a sort of letters-from-a-friend aesthetic who grace us with their presence in the States every so often; this lovely, quietly upset song appeared on their self-titled 1996 album, but the single version here is significantly different (Frances Gibson sings the whole thing, for starters). Thanks to Frances for permission to post it.

Yes, the audioblog is back at last, although it may not appear every time I post something. (And many thanks to my server-space angels N. and L.) Yes, I understand audioblogs are very popular with the young people right now. I better not say anything or I'll sound more like Jackie Harvey than I already do. Except I should give a quick shout-out to Mackron, who just started an audioblog I think I'll be visiting a lot.

So what's been going on while I've been away? I wish I had espionage-type adventures to relate, but honestly there's not much that's been happening. I've listened to the entire ABBA discography, and the entire Elvis Costello discography, for a couple of assignments (my conclusion: Voulez-Vous = underrated), plus two other four-disc boxes and another twelve-disc series, and am now plowing through the Albert Ayler box; this has left me annoyingly little time to listen to actual new stuff (although Aqui seems really impressive on a hurried spin). I mean, when there's new DFA material that I haven't had time to listen to yet, there's clearly a problem.

I did get to spend a few days in Bethesda, MD, attending Small Press Expo (while Lisa traveled around her old haunts in the Washington, DC area). Pix to clik: Anders Nilsen (his one-shot Dogs and Water, from Drawn & Quarterly, is the creepiest thing I've read in a while), Hope Larson (who I hope will do a full-length comic sometime; here's a Flash version of her brilliant and not-suitable-for-work Sex Rainbow); and Kevin Huizenga (what is he going to do next?? what?? what??).

Bonus bit of music, if you've made it this far: go to the Blocks Recording Club site, scroll down to 004, and download the Barcelona Pavilion's "New Materiology" MP3. I have heard something like three songs by this band (thank you, Patti), and I already adore them. So Douglas-Rock!


YAY! The Cannanes! I knew the MP3s would be good. :-)

hope said:

I'm working on it, I swear! :)

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