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Today's song is Chinas Comidas' "Lover/Lover" (MP3)--a blurty little single that came out on Exquisite Corpse records in 1978. Stylistically, it's kind of the missing link between the Mars/DNA side of No New York and Romeo Void. Chinas Comidas came from Seattle, and I don't know a whole lot about them that's not on the following pages--here's a page about the band from their keyboard player, Mark Wheaton, and here's a page about their singer, Cynthia Kraman, a.k.a. Cynthia Genser. (Thanks to Mark Wheaton and Rich Riggins for permission to post this track.)

The latest news on NaSoAlMo--we now have a penguintastic logo, courtesy of Lisa:

We have a bunch more people who've signed up, some of them under musical pseudonyms:

Cash Nexus
Lord Eric Haugen
Kevin Enos Deel

And Cash Nexus not only has set up a blog to keep track of his NaSoAlMo progress, he's offered to host a similar one for anyone else who wants to do the same.

I neglected to mention that the clinic where we went for the ultrasound had a big framed poster up on the wall with illuminated letters detailing their "VISSION STATEMENT." Sic. Despite my recent reading about how important it is for every employee of a company to be able to articulate the company's mission, I think I've only worked one place that actually codified it. That was the bookstore where I worked for years in my teens, whose constantly reiterated motto was: "it'll do for now."

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