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Does anybody out there in readerland know how to get in touch with the members of Girls At Our Best!? Judy Evans, James Alan, Gerard Swift and Carl Harper. As of about ten years ago, Gerard was living in Leeds, James was living in London, and Judy was somewhere in Holland. I ask because I'm dying to post GAOB!'s "Politics" on Tuesday, and all conventional methods of reaching them have failed--even Vinyl Japan, which reissued their complete discography some years back (do yourself a favor and buy it if it comes your way), has lost touch with them. But by the magic of the Internet, somebody has to know...

NaSoAlMo, people, NaSoAlMo--you've only got two more days to sign up to take advantage of the full month to make your solo album! We've got a couple more fresh-faced inductees:

Colin Wambsgans
Ernest Paik

Look at these fine young specimens of humanity! Don't you want to join their ranks?

I've gotten to DJ a couple of times in the last week--once at Portland's Burning Man Decompression party, once at Anina and Paul's Halloween party last night--and am just starting to work out anew the science of what songs not only make everyone dance but keep people dancing for subsequent songs. "Milkshake" didn't fit that category last night; "I Feel Love" did. (Lisa and I, realizing at the last minute that we'd forgotten to arrange costumes, bought mirrors at Fred Meyer and hung them around our necks: "I'm you!" After a few hours, I wrote "THANKS FOR THE KIDNEY CALL 911" on mine in lipstick: "I'm an urban legend!")

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