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Continuing with our theme of squeako-sqweeko electropop that makes fun of one nationality or another, here's Caramel and "My Tailor Is Rich" (MP3), from a wonderful old Harriet Records single. It's a sort of Let's Parler Franglais! lesson--every time I hear it I remember a French class I once took where the first tape we listened to in the language lab was meant to teach us what a French accent sounded like, just in case we'd never heard one: a man reading "LeeSEN, ma cheelDREN, and you shall 'ear/Off ze meednaght hrrrahhd off Pole Hrrreveer." Worth puzzling out what he's singing in the chorus if it's not clear at first. Denis Pasero is the genius behind this particular song; he's now in a band called Megarider (formerly Majic). Thanks to him for permission to post this song!

Dept. of Extreme Genius: the forthcoming MF Doom album is called Mm... Food!.

Dept. of Really Weird Dreams: I don't often have the oh-no-I'm-back-in-college anxiety dream these days, but last night I had a dream that I was in college, came back to my dorm room, and was informed that one of my roommates had electrocuted himself... with an electric eyebrow pencil. Yes. He had apparently also been drawing something on his arm with it. Afterwards, since of course if one of your roommates dies in the course of a semester you get an automatic A for all your classes, my other roommate and I had to fill out the forms for our grade upgrades, which were long and complicated, and involved lots of descriptions of our emotional relationships to our late roommate. I think on one page we had to write sestinas about him (this may have been inspired by my attempt at the GLAT).


maura said:

i love this song oh so very much. i played 'tout a ete dit' on my final radio show of the summer, too


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