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Holding Lisa's hand during her ultrasound today, watching the tiny arms and legs move around, I just kept thinking: it's a happy time! it's a happy time! It really is.

(In answer to the question everyone is asking, I am invariably answering: We don't know. We're not going to find out. We're going to wait until it's 10 and then let it decide for itself.)

NaSoAlMo continues to pick up stars. The latest participants:

Anthony Miccio
Dan Jircitano
Liz Bustamante
Lauren Kristen Mullen
Daphne Carr
Sam Amidon
Bradley Skaught

Heroes all! Join us!


lalitree said:

I've got 4-5 more people I know who say they'll do it, but might not know they have to sign up. Sign up everyone!

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