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Yesterday was one of the nicest days I've had in recent memory, mostly because it was devoted to Sarah & Mary's deliriously wonderful wedding--they got married at a flower farm (w/ chicken coop!) near Eugene, surrounded by a very large crowd of their adoring friends and family, including a couple of old friends of mine I hadn't seen in forever. Plus the after-dinner entertainment was a talent show, featuring their guests! Best wedding entertainment idea ever! Lisa and I had worked up a very quiet ukulele-and-clarinet version of Television's "Marquee Moon"--she hadn't played the clarinet since high school, really, and my uke skills are limited at best, but I think it worked out pretty nicely. (She was Tom Verlaine, I was Richard Lloyd, we both sang.) But the star acts of the evening were Slutty Kitty (a.k.a. members of a band with a similar name, doing the Great Society's "Somebody to Love," which they'd literally learned 45 seconds before they tore the roof off with it), Sarah's mother and aunts doing a standup comedy routine, and somebody whose name I didn't catch, who did an amazing ten-minute one-man puppet-show version of the Chinese opera "The Pink Peony." More puppet shows!

Oh, you're looking for an MP3? I can honestly say that our version of "Marquee Moon" was about as different from Anastasia Screamed's version as it's possible to get.

But then there's the outside world, which has things that set off the little alarm bells in my head:

1) A note on the Portland Burning Man list about an upcoming three-day gathering whose "guide" claims of his crew that "we became so tantric that we even made partying a valid spiritual path." Dude, that's nothing. I'm so tantric that getting up, eating breakfast and sitting on my couch is a valid spiritual path! And I know this chick who's gotten to be so tantric that beating up random strangers on the street is a valid spiritual path for her!

2) The ad in the Mercury from somebody looking for a bassist for a Christian punk band: "infl. Bad Religion." Um.

3) The super-nasty "One Man, One Woman, One Marriage: Yes on 36" signs by the side of the highway between Portland and Eugene. Can all those people really be stupid bigots, or do they just not like huge happy families and great parties?


Aaron said:

Is that not a clear reference to a Nazi slogan ("one people, one leader, one Reich")? That's crazy.

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