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So here I was about to try to seek permission to put up a New Bad Things MP3, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but the Freewheel Records site--featuring, among other things, MP3s of all of New Bad Things' albums. Try "Josh Has a Crush on a Femme from Reed" from Freewheel, "The Dirge" from Society (covered memorably by the Delgados), or "Over Me" from Ennui Go. Maybe the most... Portland band I can think of. I also have a vivid memory of seeing them completely tear it up at a house party in Brooklyn sometime in the late '90s, including an encore of Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax."

Crunched with Norway preparations, so you probably won't be seeing much from me for another week. We did get to make a nice, quick trip for our anniversary to the Oregon coast, and a lovely B&B around the corner from an antiquarian bookstore with a basket in its window with some of these in it. Our room had a guest book in which virtually everybody noted that they'd gone there either a) for an anniversary, b) on their honeymoon, or c) to be proposed to. Except for one particular entry, of which Lisa took a photo that we'll put up here eventually. Don't wanna spoil it by paraphrasing.

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