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Melody Dog's "Futuristic Lover" (removed) was one of a bare handful of songs the duo of Katrina from the Pastels and Pat Crook recorded--two singles, a compilation track or two, a Scottish radio session, and that's just about it. (There may be some kind of anthology of the lot of 'em coming out in Japan at some point, though.) As a lot of mix-tape makers in the early '90s knew, you put this dazed, hopeful little song on a mix tape for the object of your affection, and if they have a functional heart, they melt. (The slight misdirection of the title helps--it wouldn't be nearly as effective if it were exactly what the ending suggests.) Thanks to Katrina and Pat for permission to post this.

Best album I've heard this month is, somewhat surprisingly, the bonus disc from the new reissue of Elvis Costello's Kojak Variety. (Of course, the month is only three days old at this point, but I have been going through the slush pile.) Especially good: a ten-track sequence of covers of other people's songs that he recorded in one day as a demo for George Jones--just to suggest some songs that Jones might do well to cover. My favorite's Bob Dylan's "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go," done here as rattling jumpy rockabilly. Beyond the Jones stuff, there's a terrific Lennon/McCartney song called "Step Inside Love" that I'd never heard before--written for Cilla Black, apparently, and done here with a Supremes-ish arrangement. (Does the original sound similar? I should track it down and find out.)

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