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On deadline tonight, so even though there are potentially colorful househunting stories, let's just jump to the music. Alec Bathgate's "Pet Hates" (removed) is the first and, to date, only solo single by a terrific songwriter (and visual artist) who's sometimes known as "the other guy in Chris Knox's bands"--he was in The Enemy (the first great punk band in New Zealand, by all reports, although only a few live recordings exist), and later Toy Love, and for the last 23 years or so he's been half of Tall Dwarfs. This fuzzy buzzy complaint's organ part is what pushes it from "very very good" to "awesome"; it also appeared his album Gold Lamé. (Thanks to Alec for permission to post it here.) Alec's second solo album, The Indifferent Velvet Void, will be coming out later this year in New Zealand on Lil' Chief Records.

More stuff tomorrow, when I'm recovered.

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