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Five times as many hits as I've ever had in a day--wow! And no feedback at all on the song! (Yes, I know the comment system is sorta broken if you're not already registered, but dropping me a line if you like a song is always welcome.) Today's song is something special--a song that I think should've been a 7" single, but was never officially released (although it was a very popular radio tape in Boston 13 or 14 years ago). Fertile Virgin's "Tefnut" (removed) has stuck with me for many years; it is, I believe, simultaneously about the Egyptian goddess of water and clouds and about a band member's cat. Simple but splendid riff, ditto for the harmonies. I've been known to sing the chorus of it to our own cat, mangled: "E--die, finest of cats..." (Thanks to Julie Kantner for permission to post it, and for providing the MP3 itself!) Fertile Virgin only ever released one single, "Lucky Day" on the magnificent Harriet label; they wanted to re-record "Tefnut" as a single, but broke up before that happened. Kantner went on to Twig, by whom I might post something in the next couple of days, too.

Another call for addresses: anybody out there in lacunaeland know how to get in touch with the members of Girls At Our Best, Flap or Busytoby?

Tonight I played Dysfunctional Family Feud down at Dante's--a Burning Man team vs. an Oregon Country Fair team, questions a little different from the regular Family Feud type, but not very ("things you buy outdoors," "things you do when you get lost"). OCF won thanks to some fairly dubious math on the judges' part; the half-time show was the Burning Man team's captain getting his head shaved into a mohawk by a half-dressed babe with an electric razor while the club's sound system blasted Trio's "Da Da Da."


noloveforned said:

busytoby i can help you out with... they're called the like young ( now and just put out their second album on parasol... i'll email you his address as i see it's not on the site anymore.

dori said:

i'm just over here cracking up over the 'burning man versus OCF' team championships. i have to say i am really looking forward to portland - i hope all you portland bloggers aren't full of sh*t. ;-)

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