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Downtown for First Thursday last week, I saw a restaurant whose sign, hanging out front, said "LITTLE WING CAFÉ"--and read it as "LITTLE WINO CAFÉ." How sweet!, I thought. I seem to have been doing poorly with identifying things as who and what they are this week--maybe I ate a bad piece of stone-fruit and temporarily lost command of the proper-noun area of my brain. We've been gorging ourselves on cherries, nectarines and peaches at lacunae headquarters.

I bought a bag of oily toovar dal last week--not that it tastes all that different from regular toovar dal (which are split pigeon peas; the "oily" ones are soaked in oil before they're stored, which was a way to protect them from infestation in the pre-Ziploc days, apparently), but I love their bright shiny salmon/orange look. Last night, to distract myself from writing I should've been doing instead, I cooked a batch, very simply: washed a zillion times until the foam that came off them stopped being tangible, simmered for an hour and a half with some turmeric and a lot of water, and topped off with a dozen cloves and a cinnamon stick that had been dropped into a couple of tablespoons of hot oil until the cloves puffed up. The finished dal was aromatic in a way that suggested the spicing had been a lot more complicated and subtle than it actually was.

On to the music. Franklin Bruno's "The Irony Engine" (removed), in a rather "Imperial Bedroom"/"Almost Blue"-ish move, appeared not on his EP of the same name but on the I Like Walt 7-inch compilation in 1994. No idea what a lot of the words are about, other than "isn't this an incredibly good melody we're attached to?," but I've liked this song more and more over the past 10 years. And, having not listened to the original recording in a while, I was surprised to find that it wasn't a full-band recording with a prominent piano part, which is the way I'd been hearing it in my head for a while. Pretty great piece of home recording, though. Franklin (to whom thanks for permission to post this), besides having recorded a number of swell records (a couple of which I've released) solo and with Nothing Painted Blue, plays with Jenny Toomey and the Extra Glenns, and of course has a blog too.

(While I'm at it: if you want to hear some more Bruno, this show I hosted on WFMU a few years ago includes an excellent set by him, as well as Jenny Toomey and Destroyer.)


Charming Tedious said:

You have made my day. I've been looking for this track ever since i heard the Mountain Goats cover. Pleased and disoriented by the realization that some of the chords are different.

Five said:

You've made my day too! I once wrote Franklin years ago hoping to aquire a copy of the song "Keeping the Weekend Free" as covered by Liquorice. He said "yes," but I never did get that song... If you can keep securing those permissions I'd love to hear more from him.

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