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Sorry no entry yesterday--I was in the middle of pre-leaving-NYC chaos. And am in post-arriving-in-PDX chaos right now, so won't have much actual content for a bit. (I came up with a couple of new ones for the limerick file, but one involves privileged information, and the other has a vocabulary issue--yeah, well, you try rhyming "Vanessa" without cheating--so they're not showing up there yet.)

But a song, you say, give us a song! Okay, then: Fire in the Kitchen's "Simple English" (removed), from their first single, is a tight, dense, fleet power-pop song that shifts gears smoothly but very abruptly a couple of times--I like how it suddenly gets much heavier for a few seconds at the end of the chorus. FITK later released a few more singles (I also really like "The Fog") and an album, Thrillsville; several members of the band were (and are) also in the rather more improv-oriented Tono-Bungay. (Curiously, there appears to be an Appalachian/Celtic band that's also called Fire in the Kitchen. No relation.) Thanks to singer/guitarist Bob Bannister for letting me post this; Bob also notes that (his) FITK has recently started rehearsing again, which is very good news.

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