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Strongly considering going to the Oregon Country Fair this weekend. I have now heard three of my friends say that I really ought to visit it; what's odd is that all three of them described it in entirely different terms, and praised it on entirely different grounds. Anyone who's reading this and has been there should tell me what you thought, and what you suspect I might think.

I've caught the StatCounter bug--my new timekiller is to see where all my hits are coming from, and who's referring them. I seem to have a lot more regular readers than I thought I did. Yet almost nobody comments! How about this: I'll send a mix CD to whoever suggests (via comment, or email) the best question I can ask lacunae's readers--"best" here means "likely to generate the greatest number of interesting responses."

Today's song is slightly outside our usual parameters--it came out in 1979, but I won't tell if you won't. Fish Tuned Human's "24 Hour Shop" (removed) appeared on their odd, charming EP Turkeys in China, and bears a certain familial resemblance to Dylan's "Million Dollar Bash," but it's pretty damn entertaining in its own right. FTH's singer/songwriter "Philip Furei" is now better known as film journalist Jonathan Romney; thanks to him for permission to post this. (He points out that "the original 24 Hour Shop was a vending machine at Paddington Station.") Note also the rather Robyn Hitchcock-ish monologue near the end--Andy Metcalfe is listed as playing bass on the record "courtesy of the Soft Boys."


noloveforned said:

i'll crawl out of the woodwork and say hello again and let you know that i can sympathize with your concern over the dearth of comments... "are people not interested?" i always wonder... but then i realize that there are hundreds of hits coming my way each week, so i must be doing something right...

you could always be very teacher-like and have everyone write a two page essay on "what i did over my last holiday weekend" (4th of july, 1st of july, etc)

la1itree said:

Well I think it's the TypeKey login required that's keeping most people away. Also, I tend to wait awhile before listening to a song, and so by the time I get around to listening to it, I'm nowhere near the comment button!

Aaron said:

Re: vending machine as shop, have you been to France in the last few years, and if so, have you seen a Yatoo Partoo? I felt perhaps a little touristy going out of my way every night to bask in the religious glow of the gigantic (storefront-size!) automat, until one night I noticed that the Parisiens waiting behind me also had calm, unusually-respectful looks on their faces as they considered their purchases. See (some photos under "le Concept?", see also second jpg under "On en parle PARTOO" --> "presse" for a more evocative nighttime shot).

Questions for readers:

- What was the last book/song/movie that actually enraged you?

- Go and google your family members right now. Learn anything interesting?

- What do you wear/do/attend that has been most likely to make strangers walk up and ask you questions?

Nk said:

Typepad is definitely a hindrance. I registered just to get a whack at the free mix (freestuff!freestuff!) but it definitely puts off casual browsers. Ever used Haloscan?

Anyways, some ????
What band are you ashamed to admit you like?
The song you would like to have played at your funeral?
Who is insanely overrated and insanely underrated?
What are your core convictions?
One band you want to fall off the face of the earth?
The ol' standby, what one person in history would you most like to have a conversation with?

*sixeyes said:

Hey doug, I know what you mean about the stats counter bug, I find myself checking it constantly and wondering why no one comments - it's my theory that only other bloggers make comments. As to the question to ask to win a mix CD - how about - 'what songs would they like on that CD?'

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