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Little of immediate note going on, but I wanted to give everyone some music for the weekend. Amoebic Ensemble's "Headless Emcee" (removed) appeared on the B-side of the first single by the mid-'90s Providence, RI band led by Alec K. Redfearn, now of the Eyesores and Barnacled (thanks to him for permission to post this). They made a wonderful, lurching racket, usually led by Redfearn's accordion and supported by a pots-and-cans percussion ensemble. with hurdy-gurdy, trumpet and electric violin in there, too. This is like a rarebit-fiend nightmare of Weimar cabaret music--a song to tango to with lead weights strapped onto one side of your body. (And if you ever see a copy of the Amoebic Ensemble's album Limbic Rage, snap it up.)


freshgreenpaint said:

Thanks for the non-typical downloads ... I will bookmark this page.

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