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In NYC now, running on fumes, sleep-wise. (You know: sleep fumes.) Since my attention span is about 90 seconds at the moment and the whole world seems creepy and hazy, here's a song that fits that description too: Jupiteria's "Burlap Bag" (removed). Jupiteria was the duo of Alyssa Isenstein (who also did the 'zine Second Skin) and Brendan from Bügsküll; all they ever released, I believe, was the four-song EP this comes from. (They also recorded a song for, you guessed it, the ill-fated Fall tribute: an absolutely gorgeous version of "Edinburgh Man.") This is one of the scariest songs I've ever heard: a murder ballad in most of its particulars, except for an element of consensuality and inevitability that makes it even creepier, and the way Alyssa sings it is pretty unnerving in its own right.

Alyssa now lives in Portland, is a regular at Tuesday-night trivia, and is one of the organizers of the legendary Lecture Series; thanks to her for permission to post this.


Aaron said:

I think TypeKey ate my last comment.

Anyway, I've been enjoying both the mp3s and the househunting stories.

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