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Some days you get the long song, some days you get the short song. This is one of the short-song days. Lil Bunnies' "Bunny Hop" (removed) is a brief but mighty representative of one of the greatest high-concept bands ever: a full-throttle hardcore band whose songs were ALL about being, well, cute little bunnies. Other song titles included "Carrot Belly Bunny Rock" and "Hop, Fight & Fuck." This was from their first, self-titled 7" EP, on Moo-La-La Records; there were subsequently a couple of other EPs, Unabunnie (cover image: you-know-who with rabbit ears) and Bunnie Hole, and an LP. Thanks to Scott S. for permission to post this.

Oh, and what's going on with me? When I figure it out, I'll let you know.

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Aaron said:

Just caught up on my download listening; that Airlines song took me aback with goodness. I know I heard the Clean cover at some point, but maybe not much else. Thanks.

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