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Things that make me proud of my adoptive city, yet also make my life slightly more difficult: If you want to find a 12-inch single by Steinski or the Rapture or the Cold Crush Brothers or Kid606 in downtown Portland, no problem. If you want to find a 12-inch that's actually at the top of the club charts, you're going to have to haul yourself way to the edge of the east side of town to the one store that might, might have it in stock.

Was up until 6:30 AM working on a piece that will probably appear Monday, and that some of you may enjoy. But I'm pretty wiped out right now: hence no MP3s last night. Couldn't let the day pass without giving you something small and lovely, though. So here's Smack Dab's "Lucky" (removed), a lapidary little song about the greenness of the grass on the other side. Linda Hagood was the prime force behind the band (thanks to her for permission to post this song)--a remarkable guitar player with a voice like no other I've ever encountered. (Wm. Berger from Uncle Wiggly and Alec Stephens from Railroad Jerk were also in the band at one time or another.) They recorded two albums, Queen Crab and Majestic Root, as well as a wonderful version of "I Am Damo Suzuki" for the ill-fated Fall tribute album; Hagood later played and sang with the Double U when she lived in the Bay Area for a while.

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