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Just spent the weekend at the MoCCA festival--a relatively enormous small-press comics gathering that occupied the ground floor of the Puck Building and some of the second. Lots of old friends in the comics community, and a few interesting new faces; there was a lot of nice stuff being said about Alexa Kitchen, a cartoonist who's six years old, and... awfully good at this stuff for a six-year-old. I mean, she's six: she has a six-year-old's thematic concerns, and her stuff looks like what one expects of a kid's drawings. But she's got a nicely developed sense of composition and humor, and she's picking up lots of style. It's not what she can do now so much as what she will someday be able to do if she keeps at this... her parents were selling a couple of thick spiral-bound books of her stuff (from ages 5 and 6, respectively): "The Early Years," Vol. 1 and 2.

And spent this evening at Andrea Moed and Jay Smith's lovely wedding at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, with a bunch of people I hadn't seen in way too long. Very nice.

Today's song is Third Eye Foundation's "Universal Cooler" (removed). They, or rather he, had already put out an album or two when this appeared, I believe, but this single was the thing that really knocked me sideways. As Mike from Drop Beat pointed out in an interview I once saw, one of the signature stylistic gestures of great drum 'n' bass is that it sounds slow and fast at the same time, and I don't know of another record that pulls that off as effectively as this one, which actually sounds like the fast part and the slow part that are simultaneous are pushing in opposite directions; the undertow is something else. Thanks to Matt Elliott for permission to post this.

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