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House-hunting is deep and mysterious. It would be a classic supply-and-demand exercise--nothing impulse-buy about it, consideration less aesthetic than practical ("can we live with this element?" "how much of a hassle would it be to change it?"--except that no two houses on the market are identical, and there are so many factors affecting the desirability of each one that there's no easy way to judge how much any given house is worth. The nicest house we looked at today was priced at 10% more than the worst, and it was much more than 10% nicer, objectively. House-hunting does make driving around much more vigorous exercise--all that head-craning every time one passes a for-sale sign. Plus, whimpering at the realization that one could never afford the instantly attractive houses. Whimpering is aerobic!

Summer resolutions (June, July, August): vitamins and yoga every day, buy no pre-packaged foods with partially hydrogenated oils or high-fructose corn syrup.

Audioblog almost all-systems-go; got the thumbs up from some very wonderful artists, and tracked down email addresses for others I've just written to. And, along the way, stumbled onto the information that there exist more Bedflowers songs than I've heard. I don't know anything about the Bedflowers other than their name and "My Ex-Lover's Address," but... well, the guy who used to run the Waaaaah! label has made the compilation album I listened to for months on end in 1992 available as MP3s, bless him. So go listen to that song, and understand why I'm so excited.

Oh right: Sasquatch! We drove (well, Lisa drove) 4 1/2 hours each way up to the Gorge, in George, WA, to see five bands play in front of a gorgeous massive canyon--the crowd and general vibe seemed like the more civilized version of Coachella (i.e. not so damn hot, you could bring in a water bottle and refill it for free, nice grassy places to sit, etc.). I'd never seen the Decemberists before, and enjoyed them more than I'd enjoyed their records, which I now want to go back to. Highlight, though, was the end of Cat Power's set: Chan by herself, skipping around the stage, lip-synching to a song called "Rad" that Chelsey informed me was by Smoosh, who were born after I stopped listening to The Waaaaah! CD all the time...


Jason said:

Tell me more about the audioblog! The concept is interesting to me but I have yet to see someone come up with a format that sticks and doesn't blow their bandwidth budget.

Good luck on the house hunting. We close on our new house on the 10th and I cannot wait until the whole process is over with.

sara said:

thanks for the recommendation: downloaded mp3s of all the waaaaah! songs & thoroughly enjoying it...except for the song about cabbage. that sorta frightened me.

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