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Big MP3 treat for you today, folks. Airlines' "Test" (removed) was the first single by one of the great not-as-remembered-as-they-should-be bands of the late '80s and early '90s. They were originally a spinoff of the Ex-Lion Tamers--the infamous Wire tribute band (including John Tanzer and Jim DeRogatis) that opened for Wire's reunion tour, playing Pink Flag note for note. When they became Airlines (initially Burning Airlines, long before that other band took the name!), John Neilson joined; Neilson and Tanzer still play together in the Wharton Tiers Ensemble. Airlines were a terrific guitar-friction band--really conscious of their specific instrument tones and the way they interacted--and this song generates a lot of heat. (A later lineup recorded a couple of songs for Dark Beloved Cloud: a version of "Point That Thing Somewhere Else," loosely inspired by the arrangement of Joy Division's "Transmission," for Cleaned Out!, and "Leave the Capitol" for that ill-fated Fall tribute album...)

Neilson's Airlines page includes RealAudio files of all of the songs from their first two singles, including their fantastic transformation of Nick Drake's "Road." This page at Quixotic has MP3s of their later singles and some stuff from their album. Thanks to John Tanzer, John Neilson and Jim DeRogatis for permission to post this.

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