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Doing interviews can be--well, not exactly tough work, but challenging, when it comes time to extract quotes. Most people don't exactly talk in complete sentences, or sort of gesture at their ideas for a while without stating them concisely. Some interviewees are wary of giving away too much, or not good at addressing the question you're asking, or simply won't stop talking to no particular end. And then, every once in a while, I get to interview somebody who gives me something so good, clear, fully formed and entertaining that I can pretty much hit command-A, command-C and command-V, and my work is all but done. The current "Thank You For Making My Job Much, Much Easier" award goes to Cherie Currie, of the fabulous Runaways. (Previous winners include Robert Wyatt, Yoko Ono, Green Gartside and Sheila Chandra.)

Today's MP3 was a single that mystified me the first few times I heard it, back in 1990 or so, because I couldn't figure out what speed I was supposed to play it at. (You'll see why.) I figured it out eventually. Screeming Custard!'s "Tracy" (removed) was a single on the beautifully named Paul's Mum's Front Room Records--a wonderful little only-slightly-sarcastic celebration of self-absorbed teenhood. Best line: "She knows her life's not great/It's full of boys called Dave/And it's not always easy/Being just another Tracy." And those squeaks at the end: awesome. Screeming Custard! only otherwise released one 12-inch and a split flexi. The latter is still available (and that page also includes an MP3 of a rather silly New Order cover). Thanks to Pat Bristow from the band for permission to post this.


Matt Wright said:

Wierd coincidence: I just saw "The Mayor of Sunset Strip" last night, the incredibly depressing Rodney Bingenheimer documentary last night, and Cherie Currie came off as one of the least insane people in the movie. Why are you interviewing her now? Are the Runaways getting back together / still together?

And I wonder how Mr. Bingenheimer feels about that movie. It certainly doesn't present him in a very positive manner.

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