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I interviewed Kid this afternoon, as in ~ 'n Play. It's an interesting life I've got sometimes.

Saw the Destroyer/Frog Eyes show tonight at Berbati's, which like Your Blues I found pretty frustrating. For those who haven't gotten to see the tour, Dan Bejar's been playing the songs from the newest album (and, I think, almost no others, if any) with Frog Eyes backing him up, in drastically different arrangements, e.g. "The Music Lovers" is a hard-rock song in waltz time. Your Blues seemed like sort of an experiment in the same thing: taking perfectly good Destroyer songs and presenting them in this deliberately bloodless, late-Leonard-Cohen-ified way (with three awful synths), maybe to test the borders of the song-as-composition-with-lyric: it seemed like the Platonic form of the song-as-performed was not the one we were hearing, and we had to judge the song outside of the merits of its performance. The Frog Eyes thing is just pushing that even further... but even though the Frog Eyes guitarist does some good stuff (can't watch him, though), Bejar didn't seem at all into being on stage with an audience in front of him, and the nice two-guitar version of something they played at the end of the set just made me wish I could hear all the songs as they were pretty obviously conceived: voice and guitar, standard Destroyer-pace. When Bejar played on WFMU a few years ago, he did "The Music Lovers" just like that, and that's clearly its "proper" shape. I understand his frustration with "proper"-ness, but the problem with actively avoiding the "proper" form of a particular work of entertainment is that it's likely to end up somewhat less... entertaining. Bourgeois of me, I suspect. Dylan, of course, does the same thing with his old standbys ("can you guess what song this is? hey! it's 'Idiot Wind' and I've already been playing it for five minutes!"), but Dylan can assume that his audience is already overfamiliar with the essential forms of those songs, and can appreciate the difference. Does that make sense?

Comment capability, incidentally, is going away until I can install MT 3.0. Too much abhorrent stuff coming through that I need to weed out.

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