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Back in Portland, now, and catching up on the large and wonderful-looking stack of music I still have to deal with--at the moment it's the forthcoming Homosexuals 3-CD set, which is completely inspirational.

The 801 show went incredibly well (here's a picture)--Ida were just impossibly kind and sweet to us, and they had some people I like a lot (and hadn't seen in a long time) playing with them: Rose from Babe the Blue Ox and Jean Cook. And Eddie Gormley from VPN poked his head into the dressing room. And Amy Phillips DJ'ed, along with somebody who played a bunch of Eno productions before we went on stage, and somebody else who played "Savoir Faire." Plus Karla from Ida introduced us to her dad, who was in the audience--if you'd told 10-year-old Douglas that Peter Schickele would someday see his band play, well... it was a very happy moment for me. And of course Ida were fantastic: since this was a special show (a benefit for the Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls), they covered almost all of Tusk (plus some Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac, and a Buckingham Nicks song I didn't know, and "Farmer's Daughter"). I walked in when they were soundchecking, just as they started to play "Over and Over." I think my jaw may still be somewhere in one of the Knitting Factory's sub-basements.

Our set list:
Needles in the Camel's Eye
Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
The True Wheel
Seven Deadly Finns
St. Elmo's Fire
No One Receiving
Cindy Tells Me
Mother Whale Eyeless
Third Uncle

Now do I get to have a band that plays our own songs?


qat said:

No Rongwrong?!

lauren said:

work sucked me into an event at the last minute - so sorry i missed you! is the cloud 9 link broken? i wanna get a look at this fabulousness.

Matt Wright said:

So when is 801 playing in Portland? And do you need a(nother?) sky saw player?

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