pink, white and red


I'm currently in our next-door neighbor's apartment, where I'm keeping her wonderful red-furred cat company. The light outside has that wonderful quality where it's surrounded by blooming plants and everything looks like there are secret crawlspaces and hidden gates everywhere. I realize that I'm programmed to like this, but is that so bad?

Nice discovery this afternoon: a newish restaurant called Gravy, down on an area of Mississippi St. where there are apparently a bunch of new establishments opening (along with at least one very good record store). We got a smoothie, some roasted herbed potatoes, a big tasty scramble with veggie sausage, and a bowl of oatmeal brulée (well, a sprinkling of sugar on top is what got broiled for the crust) with lots of fresh berries in it. Plus: cool recycled decor and an open kitchen. I think it's affected my mood.

Less spectacular but not not-nice discovery yesterday: we went to the Saturday Market for the first time. It's an every-weekend-except-winter (i.e. Sundays too) open-air market under the Burnside Bridge, more or less; the rule is that you can only have a booth there if you've made what you're selling yourself, or if it's locally harvested, I think. This means that instead of the usual overpriced mass-produced tchotchkes, there are not-overpriced-because-they're-not-mass-produced-but-expensive-for-the-same-reason homemade tchotchkes--so much tie-dye! And soap! And jewelry! The "food court" is pretty good as outdoor markets go, though: a very good South Indian stall, in particular, that goes very heavy on the curry leaves & mustard seeds.

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