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While I wasn't even looking, the Washington Post put up my first graphic novel roundup. And the Voice just ran an article I'm pretty proud of, about the strange and radical moves the FCC has taken recently with regard to its policy on indecency, obscenity and "profanity"--you'll see why there are scare quotes around that last if you click.

Saw Melt-Banana the other night here in PDX, opening for Fantomas (who I had NO idea were so popular--great big room full of goths!). They seemed a little compressed by the opening slot (no encores, no covers, just a 40-minute piledrive), & they've got a new drummer, but I was jumping up and down the whole time anyway. They looked like they tend to at the end of a tour--at the beginning, they tend to be sort of spotless and bank-staff-like, at the end they look much more like the action heroes/heroines in the final scene of the movie, but better dressed. And I'm pleased to report that "RRAGG" is still the second song of their set, as it's been every time I've ever seen them... I think they & Uncle Wiggly are the only two bands I've ever seen with a traditional second song (U.W.'s was "Nerve").

(I was thinking about this when I saw David Bowie last week: there are a few songs that are fixed in his set list on this tour--"Rebel Rebel" is always first, "'Heroes'" is always last in the main set, "Ziggy Stardust" is always the last encore," and "Cactus" is almost always fifth--and fourth when it isn't. Which reminds me that I'm kind of impressed that the Pixies don't seem to have any fixed order, or fixed content, for their set lists on their current tour. Although I remember hearing that back in the '80s they occasionally just ordered their set lists alphabetically by title.)

Then, last night, I got to see the Reputation in a tiny little bar in town that was apparently the epicenter of PBR becoming the hipster beer of choice--they'd been moved there at the last minute thanks to a booking problem. "I just realized I've known you since I was nineteen!," Elizabeth said. Uh-huh. I have a feeling I'm going to be getting that a lot more in the future.


steve said:

Some worries about promo for the Reputation PDX show; well attended? Hope so. They rocked here! (They also opened for the Casual Dots, who would be great if they wrote songs: all-star disappointment factor 14.) I think PBR's been a hipster beer of choice in Chicago and among Oberlin students for some time, and since all Oberlin students move either to Williamsburg or to Portland... Also, the EMPPMC1 book arrived: your compression piece reads even better when read, despite lack of audio examples. I hadn't realized that the hit-radio styles these days used 1/0 on/off dynamics due to the problem you described-- makes sense. Would "Milkshake" be an example?

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