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We're back in Portland now, and we have a CAR. We are very, very happy about this.

I'm sure I must have done something over the last four days, but I cannot for the life of me remember what, aside from the fact that I averaged four or five hours' worth of sleep a night. Well, I got to go to dinner with Caryn and a bunch of other NYC friends and then see the Thermals. And dinner with Ms. Gaw and Lauren. And lunch with the fabulous Klara Hobza. And somewhere in there I wrote a couple of fairly long articles. And saw the Whitney Biennial. And read Matos's awesome book about Sign 'O' the Times. (Typing the title of that record always makes me try to remember who observed that the standard keyboard has a dollar sign, but not a peace sign.)

And we took the Greyhound bus to Salem and got a CAR. More the color of Lisa's Telecaster than my Strat. Very beautiful.

I promise to attempt more substance tomorrow.


lauren said:

congratulations on the car! paul tells me it's very sexy in person. lovely to see you and meet lisa the other night. i've almost forgiven you for giving me the CD that embedded "how lovely cooks the meat" in my head. any thoughts on the hear music compilation?

Ms. Gaw said:

I too had a great time meeting Lisa and seeing you this weekend! Come back soon :)

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