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Ann Marie has a new blog, on which she's documenting her experience spending ten days with a blindfold on (as part of a program where she's learning to train guide dogs for the blind).

I just got back from the EMP Pop Music Conference, which was pretty great--saw some really good papers, met or re-met some cool people (hello Daphne! hello Oliver!), had dinner with a bunch of folks at an unexpectedly good restaurant called China Gate that was all done up in '50s "look! the Mysteries of the Orient!" exterior design; got to visit Kira and Eric and Becky. My paper went well, I think--people laughed when I hoped they would. And I did a Critical Karaoke thing on Swell Maps' "Vertical Slum" that went over decently too. (Josh "Jane Dark" Clover, introducing Critical Karaoke, his invention in which critics played a song that they'd thought, at one point or another, was the best song ever: "This always happens--you're a music critic, and you go to some family gathering or something, and somebody puts you on the spot and asks you what the ten best songs of all time are. And that sucks, because a number of things happen--first, you forget Chaka Khan..." The best ones were probably Julianne Shepherd on "I Like Your Smile" and Elizabeth Mendez Berry on a song I didn't know, both of which involved dancing. But they were all pretty great.)

Other highlights: Seth Sanders on the relationship between heavy metal, evil, and the demand for judgement in Black Sabbath; Amy Phillips on how exactly the White Stripes have managed to get away with not being questioned about race much; Franklin Bruno on "Is That All There Is?"; Peter Stampfel and Jeannie Scofield doing a lunchtime performance of some of Stampfel's project where he's recording a song apiece from every year of the 20th century. Disappointments: the non-appearance of Jewlia Eisenberg, Carrie Brownstein and Margo Jefferson, all of whose pieces I'd wanted to see.


Rodney King said:


Do you like any contemporary r'n'b or rap? Just curious. No one's obligated to like any type of music and you haven't as far as I know made stupid comments about rap like the White Stripes but your mention of Amy's presentation made me curious.

Matt Wright said:

Indeed the conference was great, and it was nice to finally meet you, Douglas. The highlight for me was the female hip hop writers workshop. And you're paper was both hilarious and insightful - not an easy combo to pull off. Mark and I are still rockin' the cd-r.

jodi said:

China Gate is, IIRC, the restaurant where Silkworm were photographed for the cover of their BLUEBLOOD album.

When I was in Seattle, I happened by it, and insisted on being photographed in the same postion as Tim Midgett.

I dunno what happened to the picture, though.

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