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Portland has a vegan-friendly barbecue joint. Who knew that BBQ tofu could be so tasty? Not stringy/aromatic in quite the same way I remember Pearson's Texas BBQ's beef being, but awfully good. I think, actually, one of my goals for this summer is going to be to figure out a perfect veggie BBQ recipe--which might involve finding something that can be tooth-resistant after it's cooked a bit.

The trouble with spending a week or two writing very focused pieces about particular artists is that other things come in and ask for my attention, and I have to keep politely deferring them until eventually they're a very large stack and there's no room left on the "to be listened to yet" CD rack. This is the situation right now--I've got two more music things due next week, but mostly I've got comics pieces to work on, which means I can leave my ears open. I bought the Madvillain and Automato albums last week, and I've played them only once apiece. That's just negligent.

I have a bad habit of getting myself settled in somewhere and then not venturing too far from where I am. Finally got my ass down to Mississippi St. yesterday, and am almost kicking myself for not wandering around there earlier. Mississippi Records is a wonderful place, and even though I deliberately didn't buy any of its vinyl for the above-mentioned guilty reasons (even a ca.-1972/3 funk single that appears to be a musical setting of Jesse Jackson's "I Am Somebody" speech, talk about pushing my buttons), I did see five Krazy Kat books I didn't have (or had lost in the Great Collapsing FedEx Disaster) sitting there in a bookshelf underneath the jazz LPs like plump little strawberries, and snatched them up. Anybody reading this happen to have spare copies of the 1919, 1924, or "Komplete Kolor Vol. 2" books? Just asking.

Playing music this afternoon with Almucz, the super-nice German woman whose Mercury ad I answered. We'll see if I remember how to work the bass without breaking it.


lauren said:

i won't vouch for initial flavor, but i would imagine that tofurky could take a grillin' and keep on, erm, illin'. the mighty portobello is always out there, too.

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