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So that would be ROBOT EYE, then--a weekly emailed listing of interesting events in PDX, beginning late this week. Anyone wants to subscribe, you can do it by sending a blank message here.

Lisa was away for the weekend (taking pictures of our landlords at the beach), so I spent most of it in a bachelor-pad stupor: empty cereal bowls on the couch, going out to keep myself busy, doing some work at the La Palabra studio. Went to a house party where Limited Express (Has Gone?) were playing--I'd been left pretty cold by their record but thought I might like them live, & didn't really, despite their surface similarity to some bands I do like. Went out to brunch with people a couple of times. Finally, L. came back yesterday afternoon, and we met up with Michele to see the Lecture Series at Reed.

Charles Mudede spoke on the dump-sites near SEA-TAC, and despite an entertaining riff on the distinction between the "big country" as in Big Country and "God's country" as in U2, loses all the points for NOT HAVING FINISHED WRITING HIS LECTURE before he showed up and thus letting it dissolve into total blathering incoherence; Mike Wilder talked about the natural history of the guinea pig, which turned into a rant against researchers for not respecting the guinea pig's basic human rights (& made the mistake of casting natural-selection-type adaptations as a conscious decision on the part of a species); Dick Anderson, who looked and talked like Eric Idle's Gavin Millarrrr, gave a lecture on boredom and its taxonomy, which was interrupted by a terrorist gas attack on the building, complete with sirens, flashing lights, and a TV news crew right outside reporting on the tense goings-on (simulcast on the big screen in the room). Nice.


steve said:

wait, a simulated terrorist attack on the building with simulated TV crews (to make a sort of post-Situationist point about boredom and spectacles), or a real terrorist attack? Or a simulated attack, but with real TV news crews?

lisa said:

Well, there was a simulated news crew with real satellite-dish equipment, so we could see them doing live at-the-scene reports outside the windows as we watched it inside (at least what we could see through all of the POISON FOG).

I would have liked the presentation on guinea pigs (aka cavies) more if he'd included these photos:

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