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I've set up an RSS feed, in a very tentative way (linked over to the left), and it doesn't seem to work. Those of you who know more about this stuff than I do should please let me know how I'm doing it wrong.

Just for the sake of content: package from Dusty Groove arrived yesterday, with treats for me inside--my favorite is the new Sharon Jones single, "Genuine." The Daptone Records crew is interested in almost exactly the same kinds of funk I am, and this is basically a popcorn record, in the same sense as "Let a Man Come In and Do the Popcorn" (it's got a similar flight-attendants-crosscheck-for-arrival beat, but faster). Lyric and performance are perfectly generic in the sense of perfectly-fine-and-of-their-genre. When I play the forthcoming Thermals album, I think "this is the sort of band I've always wanted to be in"; when I play "Genuine," I think "no, this is what I actually wish I could do."


Michael said:

Douglas, you've had an RSS feed since you've been using Movable Type. Check out http://www.lacunae.com/index.rdf, which is where I've been getting it for a while.

Douglas said:

D'oh. Fixed.

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