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We went to see Quasi and the Thermals last night. The new Thermals stuff sounds great live too; Quasi, though, seemed exhausted somehow. Not like "creatively exhausted," and they're obviously still really attuned to playing with each other. But I've been to Quasi shows in the past where it really seemed like they were letting something out of themselves, and this time it felt like they were squeezed dry, and sometimes like they were trying to raise a racket in the hopes that they could get into it. Great encore, though: they brought everybody from the Thermals and the Swords Project and the Minders up on stage and did Yes' "I've Seen All Good People"--half of the others had expressions on their faces like they had no idea what that song was. And Quasi shows apparently now have a taper section. That's what the drum solos are for, I guess.

Four volumes into the big Cerebus re-read (got to the end of Church & State II), and I'm finding that the sections that are almost overfamiliar to me--can't tell you how many times I've read the sequence with Astoria in prison and on trial over the past 17 years, but I found that I knew most of the dialogue almost by heart--are alternating with sections that I'm realizing I totally didn't get when I've read them in the past, and are now becoming much clearer to me, especially the relationship between the Eastern and Western Churches. (I can't believe Sim was quoting from "The New Matriarchy" as early as #20.) I'm also noticing that virtually any time one of the characters gets to make a protracted speech, subsequent events demonstrate that he or she is lying.

The café attached to Big City Produce is now open a couple of nights a week, including tonight--they had the brilliant idea of serving vegetable skewers for which the skewer is a locally grown rosemary branch. Mmm.

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