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In retrospect, I was probably a little too enthusiastic about the prospect of the Franz Ferdinand show, maybe because I've been reading all these other reports from people who've been seeing stars--they were solid & fun last night at Berbati's Pan, but I like the record better. (They looked like they were pretty worn out from the tour.) Although the slowdown into the disco part of "Take Me Out" did to the crowd what I assumed it was going to do--the mean elevation of the tops of people's heads went up about six inches for a little while.

We made the mistake of taking Edie outside for a few minutes yesterday. Edie's never really been outside since she was a street kitten in the Bronx--we figured that an 8-year-old cat is probably a little old to start being an outdoor kitty. But it was such a beautiful spring day, and she seemed so eager to enjoy the sunshine... BIG MISTAKE. BIG BIG MISTAKE. Now she is inconsolable--standing at the back door and meowing as pitifully as she can, all the time, and sometimes scrabbling at the windows. Lisa's ordered a cat-leash to take her for walks out there...

Really nice picnic at Sarah's place on Sunday--she told us to bring "something salady," so I went overboard and made an Indian eggplant salad and a Burmese cucumber salad, and Lisa made fruit salad with coconut and chocolate chips. Do I sound excessively Portlandish if I note that the weather was gorgeous and it only rained once? I had had an actual dream about craving chocolate cake the night before, and Sarah's girlfriend Mary (I should say "Sarah's wife Mary"--they were officially married a couple of weeks ago, yay PDX, although the friends-and-family ceremony isn't for a while yet), who has a cake-baking company called Cake It to the Limit, made a vegan chocolate cake with pureed raspberry filling that fulfilled that dream.

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