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The All-Authorized Indie Vinyl MP3 Blog idea seems to be pretty popular. Next question: does anybody have excess space on a .mac account, or otherwise access to the kind of storage space/bandwidth I'd need to do something like this? I'd probably want to do no more than a song or two a day, and leave them up for a week or two.

Played guitar (with L.) for a couple of hours last night--the first time I'd gotten to play the Strat with somebody else. I'm very rusty. It's always very easy for me to get back into playing bass after an absence, and I've always got a warm-up curve with the guitar. Anyway, we played a bunch of songs from my vintage R&B songbook (one of the few songbooks to survive the Great FedEx Catastrophe of 2004)--I love all those old songwriters' change-of-perspective tricks, like where the chorus of "Baby I Need Your Lovin'" goes F-Dm7-C-Am7 (play that on a guitar and you'll see what I mean).

Three more Cerebus books down today, three more to go in the Great Re-Read. I don't think I'd ever read the "Sudden Moves" section in one sitting before; it makes a lot more sense to picture the geography of the whole sequence in my head. (I still don't understand the ending of the "Time and the River" sequence, though.)


Miranda said:

I have a little bandwidth allowance I could try hosting one song at a time (e.g. the Monday MP3s) for a month or two and see where it goes, I'd definitely like to see this come to fruition...

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