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I've been thinking for a while that one thing I really wish Portland had would be something like the Squid List in San Francisco or Nonsense in NYC: a weekly, emailed, curated listing of interesting upcoming events, especially fun and uncategorizable stuff--things that don't quite fit even in the alt-weeklies, or come into existence too late, or whatever; a way to bring together the overlapping underground arts communities of Portland; a place to go off about why people should go to a Paul Muldoon reading, the Lecture Series, a Limited Express (Has Gone?) show, a free vegan lunch in Courthouse Square, a "wedding party" to celebrate Portland's same-sex weddings, etc.

But wishing that kind of thing into existence won't work, so I'm doing it myself. I'm figuring out what kind of format I'm going to use, how much of my own commentary I'm going to add to it, what sort of links I'll put in it, etc. (suggestions are welcome), but my real initial query to all of you is this:

Should it be called "Drizzle" or "Robot Eye"?

Let me know your preference in the comment section, preferably with why you prefer it.

In other news: finally fixed the buzz in our stereo (& especially the turntable) that had been driving me batty for a couple of months. It is now blissfully silent aside from its intended hi-fi operations (I celebrated its new high-functioning capacity with some old Tall Dwarfs and Steeleye Span records)--now I just need to find people to come over and listen to records with me.


lauren said:

robot eye! cause, well, robots and you know.

Sigrid said:

Robot eye, because of the inherent good arbitrariness

lauren said:

laurens agree; it makes me think of blade runner.

steve said:

Definitely Robot Eye. --Is Paul Muldoon in fact reading in PDX anytime soon? Let him know we're thinking of him here...

Caryn said:

Robot Eye...for sure. Drizzle is PNW cliche. People who live there for a while don't really talk about the rain; it'd be like talking about breathing. You are new, you do have an outsider perspective; that's certainly something to play up. But Robot Eye is just so SWEET!

geeta said:

robot eye robot eye!!

bcz anything with robots in it = cool obv

Michael said:

Robot Eye, because Drizzle is taken by the best ISP in Seattle.

Liz said:

Robot Eye has more of a ring to it. But what does it mean?

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