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Audioblogging. Seems like everybody's doing it.

So, since God only knows I've got a ton of vinyl that's not in wide circulation right now, I'm thinking I might set up an audioblog of my own. The idea would be that I'd go through all my thousands of 7" singles, in alphabetical order by artist, and post (for a week or two) an MP3 of a vinyl-only song by each artist--but ONLY the artists from whom I'm able to get permission.

Obviously this would be kind of ridiculously time-consuming, and I'm wondering how many people would care. If you'd be into it, post a comment here; if I get enough comments, I'll retrieve my first box of singles the next time I'm back in NYC and start in on it.


Matthew said:

Douglas, I'd love it if you started posting music - you have excellent taste and I'm sure you'd put up great stuff. A suggestion though - don't do the "alphabetical order" thing. Just post whatever excites you, whatever you want people to hear right away. Sometimes it's better to not have a method, and just go with your gut. Why put all the time into a less record from the A pile when you've got something more exciting in the G pile, you know?

M Matos said:

is everything underlined on purpose there?

M Matos said:

also YES YES YES YES YES to your idea

Michael said:

Great idea. But since it is from 7"s, who not post the entire 7". The general problem with mp3's are that they take the music out of their context. You could also scan and post the sleeve.

Matthew said:

I don't know about that Michael - posting all of the songs from a release plus the artwork is a step closer to piracy.

On my blog, I've always had a policy that I would never post a full release (or more than 10% of the tracklisting of any given LP), because I want to encourage people to actually buy the records. If people want the 'context,' they should get a copy of the record. I know that Douglas wants to focus on out-of-print music, but I think it's just the same.

Benjamin said:

God yes.

Cole said:

Yes please.

maura said:

oh my gosh please yes!!! do you have an imic?

michael said:

One may or may not think it is a good idea to post the whole 7", but, of course, it isn't piracy if you have the permission of the copyright holder as Douglas said he would.

Aaron said:

It would be fabulous if you did this.

yes please.

saw prince last night. sigh.

brg30 said:

I say do it so more people can hear Wanton Loveboy!!

linn d. said:

I would check you out every day! Don't make it into too big a project (scanning covers and so on) cause then it'll be like a job. Just do what you want when you want!

robin said:

I think summa your posters missed the point ("with the artwork" and "with permission") but I don't know if you need both sides if you only feel GOOD about one side.

tim Harriet records was giving away old singles at the Wimp Factor 14 show last night. He figured rather than profit on it (his words) and i wonder how many people play their 7"s? He gave me a vehicle flips 7".

douglas, i think it's a good idea even if it's just to get lovely songs back into circulation.

and yes, I did mistakenly yell "wiggle" at the Wimp Factor 14 show last night, somehow conflating them with Wanton Loveboy in that "okay it was 10 years ago, they sounded kind of similar and they WERE next to each other on the 7" shelf" kind of way.

the lead singer just looked at me funny, like he was wondering what kind of wiggling I meant.

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