Why haven't I posted to Collating Bones today? Because last night I listened to about half of New Hope for the Ape-Eared, the new Tom Scharpling/Jon Wurster CD. The first thing on it is a routine where Wurster calls Scharpling's radio show as "Corey Harris," the lead singer of an alternative-rock band called Mother 13. They're on a major; they just had their first album released; they're playing the corporate-sponsored-radio-station-event third-stage circuit. They are doomed. He doesn't understand why he's not going to be a star. You already know exactly what they sound like, and he plays one of their songs, and it does sound exactly like that.

I listened to 15 albums today from the slush pile that I'd been putting off listening to for one reason or another (they all looked sort of dubious), and I swear a dozen of them were by Mother 13. (Some of them only lasted a few songs before I gave up, I admit. And I'd rather not make notes about anything in the blog unless I'm actually capable of listening to the whole thing. Even if I'm going to hit and run, I have to hold myself to some standards.)

In the "time heals" dept.: April 30, Northampton, MA, triple bill of Sonic Youth, Sebadoh... and J. Mascis. (Well, J. did produce the Breeders' cover of "The Freed Pig," and I did see him in the front row at a Sebadoh show at Maxwell's about ten years ago. But this still makes me happy.)

Nice brunch at Junior's with Amy today--she had some useful suggestions for ROBOT EYE, and was more coherent than she lets on (I wasn't). When we got back here, I'd gotten a package from Amazon with Glitter From the Litter Bin, a new comp of junkshop glam from the early '70s. We put it on, and eight songs in I started giggling at an... exceptionally blatant ripoff of T. Rex's "Jeepster." And what was this song, you may ask? Well, it's by Small Wonder, and it's called, I am not making this up, "Ride a Black Sheep."

Got the March issue of The Believer in the mail today; it includes an article I wrote & am pretty proud of: "Notes on Art So Bad It's Good." Concerns Susan Sontag and The Apple, & attempts to generalize a theory about what camp turned into.

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